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Updated: May 4, 2018

Pacsun 2014 this little firecracker comes into my life. I was working there part-time while making my way through beauty school.

It was a love for clothes that brought us together so naturally the first picture I post of're nakey ;)

Turn around

Couldn't figure out what this picture reminded me of until I saw this Pink Floyd poster.

Back Catalogue

Re-edit pulling inspiration. Drawing from the brick and the waves of the water.

Not another brick in the wall

"Any excuse to wear a pretty dress." Our life motto

Falling for Prince Charming

Looking at this image, I imagine a glass slipper being left behind somewhere. Which would be fucking terrible. Cause where do you find a glass slipper?? Probably at the thrift store. Our home away from home. And if one of us scored a glass slipper (that fit perfectly) it would be epic.

Re-edit pulling inspiration from glass slipper...well, glass in general.


There's so much inspiration in color and nature. It makes you want to create art. However that may be.

Always Forgive

Re-edit using color a filters to create a different type of art.

Never Forget

I love shooting with other photographers. Seeing what inspires them and how they think and create. It forces you to see through their eyes. Picture below by the talented Billy Muschinske

What you see...

But what if you choose not to see...not to learn?

What I see

I never want to get burnt out or lose the drive to create. Sometimes you can get so wrapped up in the same routine that you forget to challenge yourself or learn a new skill. We have so little time to stand still.

When boredom sets in...take your mind somewhere else.

Re-edit inspired by the fire that burns within. Don't let time turn to ash.

Wrapped up in space and time.

Spontaneous shoots are probably my favorite. It makes you think on your feet and let your instincts set in. Feeling comfortable with where your mind takes you. Hopefully, somewhere far away. I want to travel. There's so much I haven't seen. So many stories to tell.

I want to go somewhere

Re-edit inspired by travel to another place before I get too complacent.

Before I fade away...

Present day

I use hair to tell time so often. My clients will come in and and their hair will have gotten so. LONG. That's how I feel looking at these recent pictures of Tatum. We've been working on the healthiest way to remove years of dark color while still preserving the integrity of the hair.

This last visit I lightened only the front pieces around the face to keep it looking fresh. Tatum wears her hair natural (and no heat) most days. Gets regular trims, toning and deep conditioning treatments to maintain this healthy length.

Not only has she transformed into a blonde, but also an entrepreneur. Wellow Vintage is an online clothing store stocked full of vintage and lightly pre-worn goodies. I've seen the collection and it is (fire emoji x3) But don't take me word for it... Shop Wellow Vintage <<<< and say hi to >>>> Tatum here

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