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Color me BAAD

Impromptu shoot at The Pump. Ran into these lovely people and had my camera with me so why not?

So much passion with these two. Reminded me of a romance novel. What would be some good book titles for these two images?

Here some example to help you out...

Lady in Red

Keep this image in your mind as you scroll through the next photos...Some of them are little blurry because of the low lighting, but too good not to post.

Something about these pictures started to remind me of something else. Suddenly Miss Argentina popped into my head.

If you haven't seen Beetlejuice, you are missing out! One of my favorite Halloween movies.

Decided to play around with the color to mimic the skin to give more of an Argentina vibe.

Then I see this photo. Those legs reminded me of another scene...

Beetlejuice...Such a creep.

So then it was time to have some fun.

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