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It's November 14th, 2015. Cole has decided to give himself a haircut. It doesn't go well. Back then I only knew you as the freshman in College who bought weed from me. I'm sure you'd remember me as the person who always got you way too high. Either way, I'll never forget the night you called me to fix your hair at 1 O'clock in the morning...

Cause I've been cutting it ever since.

Fast Forward >>

We get to catch up on each other's lives at least twice a month now. I'm always so proud and inspired by the growth and will power I see in you. Even if life is getting you down, you always find a way to see the positive.

Present Day

Forever evolving

Helloooooo blondie

Used Pulp Riot lightener with 20 vol to get to a pale yellow. Toned with Shades EQ equal parts clear + 9T

I love that you let me try new techniques and trends because holy shit...I think you were meant to be platinum.

Thank you for always being patient when your haircut is taking forever because I'm being a perfectionist.

Now let's get down with it

The change-up
crouching bangs, hidden part

If you're concerned about trying a new color because you don't know what it will look like when it grows out...

Don't be. Just do it.

2 weeks in

Oh, Cole...if only you were 10 years older...and straight. I'd be on that like white on platinum...on your head... But alas, you'll just have to remain one of my favorite little stoners that still gets too high, but that okay cause so do I.

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